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Remodel or Sell?

Do you need more space? Are you thinking about remodeling your home, or is it perhaps time to move to another one?

The decision to remodel or move is often a difficult one. Once you've been in a home for a few years, you may become attached to both the home and the neighborhood. It's where you know the stores, the parks,

the theaters and the best way to commute to work. If you have children, they may love their school. So what can you do?

Consider remodeling if you love your house and neighborhood, have the room and budget to expand on your existing property and can potentially realize a profit on the remodel. In making this decision, consider that you may need to

move out during a major remodel, especially if your kitchen or other essential living areas are involved.

If remodeling isn't a good choice for you, moving to another home may have more advantages, including the opportunity to buy a larger or newer house, live closer to desirable schools or businesses, or shorten your commute time.

Remodeling almost always takes more time and costs more money than you may have estimated. Make sure you budget realistically.

If you're intersted in seeing homes now available on the market in your price range, please don't hesitate to email or call any time. 



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